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April 2nd 2022 

Who We Are

OWGN™ is the premier source of alternative media featuring original interviews via Other World Global Radio™ and Other World Global TV™ (and of affiliates brands) with world-renowned authors, scientists, spiritual leaders, social change-makers, and more - on our HD Digital Multicast Network.

Other World Radio™ (OWR) was coined and conceived by Sandra D. Sabatini in November 2009. In a relatively short time our radio show, along with our past partnered affiliated radio and tv programs (Earth Wisdom Radio, REAL Health Radio, Return of the Ancients TV) exponentially grew. After observing the public demand for a new and comprehensive source of media addressing the contemporary concerns of a modern audience, Sandra catalyzed the network by synergizing our brands into OWGN: Other World Global Network™ —which includes OWGR: Other World Global Radio™ an OWGTV: Other World Global TV™.


Today and into the Future…


As OWGN™ continues to evolve and expand, our mission remains dedicated to providing quality public broadcasting to our growing global audience. Motivating an open dialogue while creating a superior, informational experience remains our top priority.




We believe it is our mission to provide a reliable platform for truth in order to ignite conscious awareness while generating conscious living modalities. Our heart-centered program focuses on subjects associated with all progressive sciences which promote self-sufficiency and empower sovereign beings. We are committed to broadcasting quality information in order to disseminate open communication and present alternative perspectives on topics related to:

  • Social and Political News

  • Future Technological Developments

  • Practical Health Solutions: Dietary Changes, Alternative Medicine

  • Regenetics and DNA ~ The Art of Cellular Communication

  • Human History and Ancient Mysteries: Separating Fact from Myth

  • Beyond Exopolitics: Global and Cosmic Affairs

  • Transformative Quantum Healing and Wellness

  • Regenerative Ecological Education ~ creating green solutions

  • Exploring the Frequency behind the Human Template: Symbolic Art, Music, and Neuroacoustics

  • Examining our Future Psychosocial Systems: The Matrix of Tomorrow

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Who Are We
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