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Other World Global Network Team

At OWGN (Other World Global Network), our team is committed to providing our global audience with the latest news and information through our Internet TV and Radio programs. Our unwavering dedication lies in the dissemination of truth and knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

In recognizing the significance and necessity of heart-based living modalities in our global society, OWGN has embraced this essential aspect. While our network covers a wide variety of subjects, we firmly believe in the core principle of "Expanding Hearts, Minds, and Souls for Future Living - Today." This principle serves as the foundation upon which we build our content.

With a profound understanding that the heart-mind-soul connection is vital for all sovereign beings, OWGN strives to address topics that activate and nurture this profound connection. We aim to explore subjects that resonate deeply within individuals, fostering personal growth, and encouraging the awakening of their inner potential.

As a team, we are passionate about enlightening minds and expanding consciousness. We continuously seek to provide a platform where diverse perspectives are shared, leading to greater understanding, empathy, and transformation. Our goal is to empower individuals to embrace heart-centered living and contribute positively to the world around them.

Join us on our journey as we navigate the realms of knowledge, ignite curiosity, and inspire meaningful change. At OWGN, we are dedicated to expanding hearts, minds, and souls, empowering individuals to thrive in the present while shaping a brighter future for all Huamanity.

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Sandra Dawn  Sabatini

Founder / Executive Producer / Host

Radio | TV | Film

Sandra D. Sabatini is an internationally renowned public figure who has established herself as a driving force behind OWGN, the acronym for Other World Global Network. This for-profit transmedia educational broadcasting company and online global social community are dedicated to effecting social change and advancing educational outreach. With a primary objective of presenting the world's foremost social change-makers, experts, and leaders in fields such as science, spirituality, history, archaeology, paranormal studies, fringe topics, exopolitics, free energy, and eco-sustainability, OWGN aims to educate and make a profound impact on individuals worldwide.

The inception of OWGN traces back to Sandra's visionary creation of Other World Radio™ (OWR) in November 2009. Building upon the success of our radio show, along with our affiliated programs came such radio programs Earth Wisdom Radio, REAL Health Radio, and Return of the Ancients TV, where OWGN experienced a remarkable trajectory of growth.


Recognizing the increasing demand for comprehensive media that addresses the pressing concerns of a modern audience, Sandra strategically merged our brands, resulting in the birth of OWGN: Other World Global Network™. This integrated network comprises Other World Global Radio™ (OWGR) and Other World Global TV™ (OWGTV).


As OWGN™ continues to evolve and expand, our unwavering mission remains focused on delivering high-quality public broadcasting to our ever-growing global audience. Our top priority is to foster open dialogues and provide an exceptional informational experience.

Renowned as the foremost source of alternative media, OWGN features original interviews conducted via Other World Global Radio™ and Other World Global TV™ (and associated affiliate brands) with distinguished authors, scientists, spiritual leaders, and social change-makers. Our HD Digital Multicast Network ensures that educational broadcasts are available to enrich the hearts, minds, and souls of individuals today, in preparation for future living. For 14 years, OWGN has remained committed to expanding planetary human consciousness, highlighting the significance of heart intelligence, DNA activation, and the integration of the heart, mind, and soul.


Professionally, Ms. Sabatini serves as the active President and CEO of multiple esteemed companies and brands, encompassing global ventures in life sciences, mind sciences, future technology, multi-cast/cross-channel media, and innovative educational programs. Her extensive business relationships span across both public and private sectors, collaborating with corporations, research foundations, and academic institutions to spearhead the development of cutting-edge technological, scientific, and academic initiatives. Inclusively Ms. Sabatini is known in Exopolitics having a extensive experience as a subject matter expert. 


Additionally, Ms. Sabatini draws upon her three decades of expertise in the special security industry, serving as a trusted security expert and consultant.




Today, Ms. Sabatini stands entrusted by esteemed leaders, white hats, and whistleblowers within the realm of social consciousness to disseminate crucial information to the public through interviews and educational initiatives. This weighty responsibility, executed through Other World Global Network, epitomizes her ongoing commitment to assist and support Humanity in its collective journey.

Natalie N. Sabatini

Guest Co-Host/ Publisher

Radio | TV | Film

Natalie N. Sabatini is an esteemed Guest Co-host for Other World Global TV™ and Other World Global Radio™, playing a pivotal role in the creation of Other World Global Network™ with a profound vision to "Expand Hearts, Minds, and Souls for Future Living - Today."



In May 2014, Natalie achieved a remarkable milestone, graduating with honors Magna Cum Laude from Sacramento State University, where she earned her B.A. in Psychology. Her dedication to scholarly pursuits led her to delve into various domains, specializing in areas such as Cross-Cultural Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Management, Cognitive Neuroscience, Research and Development (R&D), and Social Science.


Her relentless pursuit of knowledge continues as she pursues her Ph.D. Furthermore, Natalie's exceptional academic achievements garnered her recognition and nomination for the esteemed McNair Scholars Programs, a platform that fosters doctoral studies through engagement in scientific research and scholarly endeavors.

A distinguished member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Natalie actively upholds its mission of acknowledging and promoting academic excellence across all fields of higher education, while also engaging the community of scholars in service to others. Additionally, she actively participates in the World Affairs Council of America, an organization dedicated to educating and involving Americans in global issues and foreign policy matters.


Drawing upon her passion for making a positive impact, Natalie has engaged in international volunteer outreach, serving as a global volunteer coordinator for the World Genesis Foundation. This esteemed 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization is devoted to leaving no child without hope for the future. The foundation strives to empower youth in areas of the world where opportunities are scarce or nonexistent.


Furthermore, Natalie is a visionary content creator for FortunaMaxx Online Blog Magazine contributing to the dissemination of thought-provoking content and fostering intellectual discourse.


In her role as Vice President, she demonstrates her leadership acumen within the following companies: Other World Global Network™, a for-profit global transmedia educational broadcasting company, and EarthHope Foundation™, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and online global social community focused on driving social change and educational outreach

Natalie N. Sabatini's impressive academic background, international volunteer experiences, and leadership positions reflect her unwavering commitment to knowledge, philanthropy, and fostering positive change on a global scale. With her extensive expertise and passion for expanding consciousness, she plays a vital role in Other World Global Network's mission to create a brighter future for all Humanity.

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