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Igniting the human spirit to pave the way for global transformation and mindful living.



In the contemporary landscape saturated with misinformation on various public platforms, the dearth of credible alternative media outlets, free from governmental influence, external agencies, or financial entanglements, is pronounced. This is where OWGN™ steps in — Other World Global Network, a beacon of unfiltered truth and the people's steadfast source of trustworthy multicast media. Setting itself apart from "other" alternative media, OWGN™ proudly stands as a 100% independently owned and operated entity, with no room for compromise. We deeply appreciate the trust you bestow upon us, and our allegiance is unwaveringly directed towards our global audience. We persistently strive to deliver news, interviews, and opportunities that not only inspire and educate but also foster personal growth and drive positive societal change on a global scale.

Renowned as the foremost purveyor of alternative media, OWGN showcases original interviews conducted through Other World Global Radio™ and Other World Global TV™ (along with affiliated brands) featuring eminent authors, scientists, spiritual leaders, and advocates of social change. Our state-of-the-art HD Digital Multicast Network ensures that enriching broadcasts are readily accessible, nurturing the hearts, minds, and souls of individuals today while preparing them for a future of conscious living. Over the past 15 years, OWGN has remained dedicated to expanding the collective human consciousness, emphasizing the importance of heart intelligence, DNA activation, and the harmonious integration of heart, mind, and soul.

At OWGN™, our motto is "Expanding Hearts, Minds, and Souls for Future Living - Today!"

The mission of OWGN™ - Other World Global Network - is rooted in our belief that it is our purpose to provide a reliable platform for truth, igniting conscious awareness and facilitating conscious living modalities. Our heart-centered programs delve into progressive topics that empower and foster self-sufficiency among sovereign human beings. With an unwavering commitment to broadcasting high-quality information, we aim to foster open communication, present alternative perspectives, and stimulate critical thinking.

As OWGN continues to evolve and expand, our unwavering mission remains dedicated to delivering high-quality public broadcasting to our ever-growing global audience. We strive to foster open dialogues and provide an exceptional informational experience that motivates individuals to engage in discussions and explore new perspectives.

Together with our remarkable global audience, we embark on a journey to explore universal subjects and venture beyond. We encourage your active participation, inviting you to voice your opinions, engage in our live global events, and connect with fellow members of our international social media network. Your feedback, guest suggestions, and contributions are invaluable to us. OWGN™ serves as YOUR platform to share ideas and expand your conscious awareness.

Our network stands as an independent creation, built for the people and supported by the people. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver trustworthy, thought-provoking content that resonates with individuals seeking genuine insight and transformative experiences.

Join us on this remarkable journey!






Sandra D. Sabatini & Natalie N. Sabatini

Founders/Executive Producers/Show Hosts

OWGN: Other World Global Network



Sandra Dawn. Sabatini
&  Natalie N.  Sabatini
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