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Sparking the human soul in order to open the gateway for global change and conscious living’



 In a world where misinformation is ceaselessly streamed into public domains, the numbers of credible non-government/agency/ affiliate/backed (financed) alternative sources of media have significantly diminished. OWGN™ : Other World Global Network - is the people’s alternative multicast media source for the TRUTH unfiltered. OWGN™ has not been bought out like “other” alternative media sources – we are 100% independently owned/operated. We value your trust in us. Our commitment is to you our readers/viewers/listeners around the world, and we will continue to bring you news, interviews, and opportunities to inspire, learn, grow, and create positive social change around the world.

Our motto is  –  “Expanding Hearts, Minds, and Souls for Future Living - Today!".


We believe it is our mission to provide a reliable platform for truth in order to ignite conscious awareness while generating conscious living modalities. Our heart-centered program focuses on subjects associated with all progressive topics which promote the empowerment and self-sufficiency of sovereign human beings. We are committed to broadcasting quality information in order to disseminate open communication and present alternative perspectives.
Together with YOU — our amazing global audience — we will explore many universal subjects and beyond.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!  - voice your opinions - participate in our LIVE Global Events and connect with others in our international social media network. Please send us your feedback, guest suggestions and more. OWGN™ is YOUR platform to share your ideas and expand your own conscious awareness.

Our network is an independent creation for the people, supported by the people!



Founder/Executive Producer/Show Host

OWGN: Other World Global Network



Sandra Dawn. Sabatini
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