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OWGN Featured Links

Here are just a few links that we at OWGN think you will enjoy. If you have a website that expands hearts, minds, and souls for future living - today contact us here. We would love to exchange links with you.

"Innovation and Excellence in Time Technology"

Official web site for DR. DAVID LEWIS ANDERSON


Explore the possibilities on the exciting new frontier of time control and time travel with the Anderson Institute, dedicated exclusively to advancing the study and development of time control capabilities.


The Anderson Institute is a private research and development laboratory whose resources are targeted specifically at the time control applications using time-warped field technology in its proprietary time reactor systems (patent pending).

This website, is dedicated to the free and open study of the nature of time, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to assist each of us better understand the true nature of time and our place in the universe.


Official web site for JAMES MAHU and the WINGMAKERS



Since 1998, the website has been visited by millions from all over the globe. Its content has been translated into dozens of languages. Its books have provided some of the most thought-provoking and potent transformative materials on the planet.

The WingMakers Materials are brought to the public by James Mahu. James has created all of the artistic and philosophical content.


"Creations inspired by the Universe, the day you were born"


Inspired by the universe, and the day you were born. It has been said that wisdom starts from within you. It is the mission of Wisdom Art LLC to provide support and education, for every individual who continues on their journey of self-wisdom; beginning with an awareness of the energy that started with the day they were born. Come explore, this site, where you become the designer of the art, including jewelry, it is unique, personal and timeless, create wearable art, using gemstones that have the power to transform energy, inspiring inner wisdom and personal truth.

It's more than about a person's zodiac sign, and what it means; it's about your unique place in the universe, beliefs, hopes and all that you imagine. Wisdom Art is as unique as you are! Choose to design a custom piece, pick stones that have meaning for you or the person your giving it to, so explore, create and be inspired. It starts within you.

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